May 31, 2016


Brooklyn Bridge at Night, NYC

The energy and architecture of New York is very different from rest of the United States, so if you want to live in the center of all the happenings then New York is the place to be. This city is divided into five majestic areas, all of which have undergone major changes and renovations in the past few decades. Brooklyn has shown the greatest improvement in this regard.

Since its founding in 1646, the area of Brooklyn has increased not only in quantity but quality as well. The map shows that it is made up of a 100 different types of neighborhoods and districts, all of which were once part of a separate country known by the name of Kings Country. But after the Dutch West India Trading Company let go of this area, it became the first charted city to be included in the state of New York. The various neighborhoods of Brooklyn have been able to maintain their own indentify while working together for its betterment – that is what makes Brooklyn different from Manhattan and other areas of New York. The Green Point can be a good example for that; not only the people living there have stayed for generations, they have also accepted their inclusion in Brooklyn and now consider themselves a proud part of it.

Brooklyn is known as the area for blue collared people, the citizens are very hard working and the large numbers of factories in the area have helped increase employment opportunities to a great extent. The recent gentrification within Brooklyn has made it into a place where people from all ethnicities can come live and work together in harmony. While taking a walk in the neighborhoods and streets of this area, you will strongly be reminded of an exotic European city, with its architectural wonders and classy shops and cafes.

Since the neighborhoods within Brooklyn are tight, the people generally know each other pretty well and if you are a stranger, they will never make you feel like one. Within a couple of days, you will feel as if you belonged to this place for years. The accent of a typical Brooklyn resistant is full of “dose, dems” etc; it became famous in the 20th century and was used in a number of movies and books. The two important things that lead to re-invention in Brooklyn were their ability to preserve their architectural historic wonders from the 19th century and their skill of utilizing the limited resources available. The areas around Brooklyn which have been abundant by factories etc are now being turned into beautiful streets with boutiques, cafes and restaurants serving food of various cultures. In addition to this, the unity of people of Brooklyn has been remarkably impressive; until Manhattan, the people are not cold blooded and stand up for each other. This has played an important role in accelerating the re-invention process within the place.

Brooklyn can be considered as much of a cosmopolitan city as any of a European city; it is not necessary for you to go to Manhattan to experience the global economic activates and pressure. This place not only offers you employment opportunities but also an affordable lifestyle with friendly neighborhoods for your children to grow up in.