June 29, 2016

The Bronx

The Bronx

If you are looking forward to moving to New York or are residing in New York already, this article will provide you a guide to the best shopping centres, restaurants, parks, sports, and art found in the Bronx; which will be enough reason for you to settle in Bronx. This overview will provide with some interesting things you can do in NYC.


The leading shopping districts in the Bronx include Riverdale/Kingsbridge shopping centre, Bay Plaza, The Hub and Bruckner Boulevard. The most popular from among these is The Hub, which is also known as the Broadway of the Bronx, is much like Times Square. The Hub is found in south Bronx between Mott Haven and Melrose.

Arts and Culture

The Bronx has a rich cultural history, a highlight of living in the New York City. The Bronx is the birthplace of hip hop music. The first flickers of rap music were in the 1520 Sedgewick Ave. Africa Bambaataa, Grandmaster Flash and DJ Kool Herc would throw parties here. These parties would include break dancing, scratch competitions and rapping. A lot of contemporary young hip hop artistes would call the Bronx their home. This place is rich in African American heritage and culture.

There are numerous off Broadway theatres, museums and art galleries of New York found in the Bronx. The Bronx Museum of the Arts contains more than 800 art works from Africa, Asia and Latin America. Other monuments include Lorelei Fountain, the Pregones theatre, and City Island Historical Society and Nautical Museum.


Living in New York means living close to the Yankee stadium. Heritage field is a park dedicated to Yankee history, and is located where the original Yankee stadium once stood. The contents of the Monument Park are now found in the new stadium, where the artwork and memorabilia of Yankees are found.


 In the Bronx, many private and public high schools and the universities and colleges, listed below, are found:

  • Fordham University: This was the first Catholic education institution in north east of United States. Fordham belongs to the Jesuit roots. The Bronx campus of this university is the largest in NYC.
  • City University of New York: There are three campuses of CUNY in the Bronx; Bronx community college, Lehman College, and Hostos Community college.
  • College of Mount St. Vincent: Initially, the College of Mount St. Vincent was a school only for girls, but now it has turned into a coed institution. It is located in Riverdale, and has the Academy for Jewish Religion, a cantorial and rabbinical school.
  • State University of New York Maritime College: This institution is the largest in maritime studies. It has the Maritime Industry Museum and the United States Merchant Marine Academy.

Parks and Attraction

The Bronx has many parks and other entertainment options that are not found elsewhere in other boroughs. These include Van Cortandt Park, Pelham Bay park and Bronx Park. Found in the Bron Park is the New York Botanical Gardens, where the last remnants of hemlock forest are found. This forest once covered the whole city. This patch of forest reminds of what the New York City looked like before sky-scrappers were built and such crowds of people were found here. Bronx Park also houses the Bronx Zoo.


East Bronx: The Pelham Bay Park, the largest park in the city is located here. Mostly, low income housing areas, tenement buildings and one-family homes are found here.

City Island: This is famous for its exceptionally good seafood restaurants. This looks more like a small town; all the restaurants and shopping boutiques are found in one street.

West Bronx: It is similar to the East Bronx in some ways. It has numerable old tenement buildings. The wealthier neighbourhoods areVan Cortlandt Park, Riverdale, and the Grand Concourse.

South Bronx: This is the poorest neighbourhood, which is most affected by crime in the country. Walking in the South Bronx at night is not free of danger. Yankee Stadium and Cross Bronx Expressway are also located here.


70 stops are served by the New York City Subway System within the Bronx; among these are IRT Dyre Ave., IRT Broadway, IND Concourse, IRT White Plains Road and IRT Pelham. Major highways in the Bronx are Bronx River Parkway, Cross Bronx Expressway, Bruckner Expressway, New England Thruway, Hutchinson River Parkway, Henry Hudson Parkway, and Major Deegan Expressway. The city bus system also serves the Bronx.