June 25, 2016

Moving to New York

With our comprehensive guide to moving to New York, you'll learn everything there is to know about finding a place a place to stay, meeting friends, finding work and top tips on getting settled in the Big Apple.

Health Advice for New Residents of NYC


Now that you have fulfilled your dream of living in the Big Apple, you hope that nothing will go wrong during your time in NYC. You should indeed live your new life to the fullest and enjoy the city’s … [Read more...]

Intro to the Big Apple

Toronto Blue Jays to New York Yankees

For those who have already made the move to New York, the famous nickname means a lot more than to someone coming from overseas. So for those expats out there and others thinking about coming to New … [Read more...]

Opening a bank account in New York

US dollars

So you have finally decided to take the big leap and move to the buzzing city of New York! Well to survive in such a concrete jungle you are going to need a job. However, like most jobs around these … [Read more...]

Finding housing in New York

Houses in New York

It’s always a cheap option to stay at friends or family members place before you can find yourself a permanent place to live in.  Staying at a hotel is going to cost you a lot depending on the type of … [Read more...]

Meeting People in New York

New York Cafe

You will probably have heard that getting to know people in the Big Apple is a tough job since New Yorkers are known to keep to themselves. A lot of people who have only recently moved to New York … [Read more...]

Getting acclimated to living in New York City

New York

If you have made your mind about moving to New York City you will be amazed by all the wonderful things you will experience. There might be different reasons for you shifting to this city but all of … [Read more...]