June 28, 2016

10 Dangerous Places in New York City

Brooklyn Heights

New York City has a reputation for being dangerous and violent. While it is true that the Big Apple has its share of crime, most visitors to the city will never witness these illicit events. Still, in order to ensure safety and security, there are spots in the City that those taking flights to New York should take measures to avoid.

1. Brownsville
The Murder Capital of New York remains the most dangerous spot for tourists. Brownsville is known for its elevated levels of high school dropouts, extreme drug problems, and low income.

2. Hunts Point
This Bronx neighborhood is notorious for prostitution and other types of crime. Those who are not in the know may be drawn to Hunts Point due to the area’s long history and the number of parks. However, Hunts Point should be mostly avoided by non-locals.

3. Brooklyn Heights
A seemingly family-friendly neighborhood, crime has risen in Brooklyn Heights in recent years. Many tourists may wish to visit the area due to its stunning views of the Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge, and the Statue of Liberty.

4. Flatiron District
Tourists need not worry about violent crime in the Flatiron District. Other crimes, such as petty theft and grand larceny, prevail in this spot. Thanks to the number of noteworthy buildings and shopping establishments, the Flatiron District is a prime target.

5. Downtown
This affluent area is oft visited by tourists for many reasons. However, it is one of the most crime ridden spots in the city and has New York’s third highest rate of grand larceny. When going downtown, valuables should be safeguarded in a secure location in the hotel.

6. Hell’s Kitchen
Muggings are not uncommon in this spot that was formerly known as a safe-haven for gang activity. Those who choose to visit this area should make sure that bags are secured and valuables hidden from sight.

7. Greenwich Village
The eclectic shops and exuberant nightlife of Greenwich Village draw tourists in from far and wide. However, purse-snatching, muggings, and far more violent crimes are not uncommon here. Tourists should avoid Greenwich Village after dark, travel in groups, and stay alert any time of the day.

8. Clinton Hill
The upscale neighborhood of Clinton Hill may be interesting for those wishing to see mansions that date to the mid-19th century. However, the crime rate that had previously dropped is once again on the rise, due largely to muggings, burglary, and car theft.

9. Bedford-Stuyvesant
Bed-Stuy is not a hot spot for tourism, which makes it easy to avoid. This Brooklyn neighborhood has been ranked as one of the most dangerous areas of New York City due to its high numbers of murders and robberies.

10. Midtown
Most tourists visiting New York City simply cannot avoid Midtown. This is the heart of the City and the one spot that is most sought by those taking flights to New York. Unfortunately, it is also a prime spot for pick-pocketing, muggings, and violent crimes. Tourists that visit Midtown should remain aware of their belongings at all times.