May 27, 2016

New York Transport

New York Transport

The first rule to learn for traveling in NYC is to never get intimidated by the complex transport systems available. The three main mode of traveling that you can use could be a car, a bus or a subway. Let’s discuss private cars first.

New York by Car

Having your own transport may be very expensive for you especially while you are in NYC. Firstly, it is difficult to find a parking space and even if you do, there is this problem of very high parking fees. Some of the parking places can charge as high as $ 25 for an hour of parking, while the cheap ones are around $6 or more. Some garages also issue a six month contact at comparatively lower rates (average $431 per month) but these rates are still higher than traveling via bus or subway.


The most convenient way of traveling in NYC is through by subway. Although it may seem very complicated to you in the start, but it will not take you a long time to learn a few basic things about it. For example, the trains have numbers and colors to differentiate where they are going or whether they are intercity or intra city. These numbers and colors are present on the front and sides of every train. Familiarizing yourself with them can make your life very easily while traveling in NYC.

To make things easier you should download a NYC Subway Map, available on NewYork101 for free!

There is also governments official website,, which can be considered as the most reliable  website to get subway information. So all in all, understanding the subway system of NYC is just a few clicks away.

As far as the cost of subway traveling is concerned, it can vary depending on the number of days you are planning to spend in NYC. You can get your Metro card made at the train station for a week or a two or even for a month. Your average ticket will cost $2.25 unless you are above 65 years of age or are handicapped. In that case, your ticket will be reduced to half. For a seven day card, you will have to pay $ 27 while for 14 days it is just $ 51.5. Either way, it is much cheaper than parking fees of a private car.


To find your away around New York by Bus, you should use a website called Hopstop. We love it because you put in your starting address and where you want to go, and it gives you the best route, whether it be by Bus or Subway.

Travel in NYC can be really fun and exciting once you get hold of stuff, like I said before, do not let the vast transportation system intimidate or frighten you; even if you get lost, the people are kind enough to guide you to a nearby police station which will then drop you off to your home.